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Wildweg 11 a
8401 Kalsdorf
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06. December 2015
Due to current information*, the credit rating of the company what HIDEX HIDEN & DEXL OG newly Evaluated at 06.12.2015, where a positive or negative evaluation is possible. Under the navigation point credit rating to learn led to reassessment of what information and how Moneyhouse the credit rating and the risk of payment default at the company HIDEX HIDEN & DEXL OG Evaluates.

* Credit-related information include: Third and final warnings (Collection messages), certificates of unpaid debts, bankruptcy proceedings, the omission or settlement of one of these events as well as other additional information such as payment data or further information about the status of a proceeding.


The HIDEX HIDEN & DEXL OG works in the area of ​​Wholesale of sanitary products in whose yards to distributes the products of Steinberg GmbH, D-40549 Dusseldorf and Ruben wellness products, Poland and what registered on 2005 as Open Society to Commercial Register.

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Open Society
Der Betriebsgegenstand des Unternehmens lautet auf: Handelsvermittlung von sonstigen Waren
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